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Kirsty Baldock LCSP The Injury Clinic


Giles Gamble is an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable practitioner. He has been practising the Hendrickson Method of Manual Therapy for over 16 years. Giles trained directly with Dr Thomas Hendrickson in Berkeley, California in 2001. After completing a 4 year teaching programme of 800 hours, Giles became one of the lead Hendrickson Method Tutors in California; he held this position for 11 years. He was honoured and delighted to be involved in expanding the Hendrickson Method outside the USA, and began teaching in the U.K in 2008. 


Giles has had his own successful practice in several locations in California for 18 years, and is very excited to move to the UK. He looks forward to continuing to practice and teach others in a therapy he feels passionate and enthusiastic to share. Primarily as a practitioner he's glad to be able to aid healing, restore functional movement, and provide pain relief to many conditions both acute, and chronic

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